Truth In Media Project Launches in Concord NH

By: Samuel Eaton


Swann has become a folk hero of sorts to a number of more libertarian-minded political activists and media watchdogs for being one of the only reporters to ask President Barack Obama during the 2012 campaign about a “kill list” that was targeting Americans for assassination. He said the project was about giving people “facts” concerning important topics not covered often on television stations such as monetary policy, civil liberties, the drug war, and foreign policy.

“(It’s) an attempt to bring truth to media, through streaming sites, through local news stations, across the Internet,” Swann said. “When I say truth…..” Click Here to read more.




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  • Joseph C. Carbone III

    Thanks Mr. Eaton, thanks for posting this, I am nerves about what happens next.

    Any information you are able to post is appreciated. Blessing…

    Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III

  • Cheryl Newcomb

    Live Free of Die. Very appropriate to launch this in the great state of New Hampshire. Have to admit I’m a little partial seeing as I live here. In conjunction with the Free State Project I’m hoping that N.H. will stay a freedom loving state.