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Over the next 20 days I will be answering your questions about the Truth in Media Project so ask away! Season 2 is 30% funded...

Armed Russian forces backed by armored vehicles broke into a Ukrainian airbase Saturday in Crimea.  The three armored vehicles reportedly rammed through a gate...

Our Indiegogo campaign is now 2 weeks in and we are so inspired by the nearly $23,000.00 already raised.  Thank you so much for...

Visit here to make a contribution: Please join us as we build Season 2 of the Truth in Media Project.  We need your help!...

While Americans are calling Putin a dictator for his actions on Saturday, many of the same Americans are unaware that they live in a...

  Happy New Year! Here we are, on the first day of 2014!  I am so excited about what this year will hold, especially as I...
Federal Reserve

  New:  “The United States Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that it will start drawing down (i.e. “tapering”) its multibillion-dollar quantitative easing policies in 2014. The Fed...
government control religion

Truth in Media: Government Program to Control Religious Thought? Is the U.S. Government working on a program to...well...program the way you view religion? A whistleblower who...

Update: Ben Swann has released his exclusive interview. Is the United States government providing grant money to explore the possibility of controlling the way Muslims...
Ben Swann RT America

Ben Swann on RT_America attempts to cut through the left/right paradigm surrounding the government shutdown and the coming debt ceiling debate. Plus, why does...

On an interview with Joshua Cook on Conservative Voice on Friday, Ben Swann discussed America’s faulty left-right paradigm, and the role, future and threats...
Patriot Act Ben Swann

  It has been all of 10 weeks since Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor revealed the collection of information on hundreds of millions of...

Christopher Greene of AMTV interviews Ben Swann at LPAC 2013.
Truth In Media Smear

Ben Swann had the distinct privilege of speaking before a group of liberty activists in Minnesota a little over a week ago. Liberty Minnesota...
Truth In Media Newspaper

Ben Swann and the Liberty Is Rising, Truth In Media Idaho Liberty Expo made the front page of a local newspaper.
Ben Swann Rethink 911

Did you know that a 3rd building fell on 9-11?  That bill board is today over Times Square.  It was placed there through donations...
rethink 911

Ben Swann Reality Check will take on the "Rethink 9/11" campaign Tuesday, September 10, 2013.  This will be the first "on-location" shoot for Reality...
HHS Data Base Obamacare

It is called the Federal Data Hub.  Massive amounts of information gathered on every American and shared between government agencies.  Agencies ranging from the...
Ben Swann on Buzzsaw

Ben Swann joins Tyrel Ventura on Buzzsaw to talk about truth in media and the important role alternative media has played in possibly preventing...
NBC Poll Syria War

We are only two weeks away from the anniversary of 9/11 and how far we have come.  The Obama administration has been making the...

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