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The standoff between a Nevada family and federal agents intensified Wednesday when a violent altercation occurred. As we have reported, hundreds of federal agents...

Over the next 20 days I will be answering your questions about the Truth in Media Project so ask away! Season 2 is 30% funded...

  Happy New Year! Here we are, on the first day of 2014!  I am so excited about what this year will hold, especially as I...

At many times in the history of the Anglo people, the abuses of liberty by Power (capitalized to indicate the official power of the...
Jury Nullification

Like Just Us on Facebook. Please take our short survey. "Juries have the power to judge the facts of the case as well as the law...
Ben Swann Freedom Of Speech

I talk about the role of the First Amendment as much more than just a recognition of your right to speech, or just the...

On an interview with Joshua Cook on Conservative Voice on Friday, Ben Swann discussed America’s faulty left-right paradigm, and the role, future and threats...

Christopher Greene of AMTV interviews Ben Swann at LPAC 2013.
Truth In Media Newspaper

Ben Swann and the Liberty Is Rising, Truth In Media Idaho Liberty Expo made the front page of a local newspaper.

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Vindicated Show Podcast

Vince Urrabazo from The Vindicated Show Podcast, interviews Ben Swann about his Truth in Media Project. Vince is a newly-awakened individual here on Earth to expose...
We Are Change

We Are Change CT catches up with Ben Swann at the Defense Of Liberty PAC barbeque. Ben talks about the Truth In Media project...
Ben Swann and Kristin Tate Interview

Kristin Tate interviews Ben Swann, Tyrel Ventura from BuzzSaw, Free State Project president Carla Gericke and many others at the Truth In Media Launch Event.
Truth In Media

Thank you to all who came out to support this project and joined us on the live stream. The night was a huge success. Part...

Swann has become a folk hero of sorts to a number of more libertarian-minded political activists and media watchdogs for being one of the...

Part One Part Two Two time Emmy winning investigative reporter Ben Swann speaks with Filter Free Radio's Jacob Dean about his latest Truth In Media Project,...
Ben Swann PayPal

Friends, We are only days away from the official end of our Kickstarter campaign.  As you may know, over 4,000 people backed the project to...
Amber Lyon

Friends, Here's another big announcement about next Friday's Truth in Media Live Event. Today, I am very excited to announce that Judge Jim Gray and Amber...
Free Thought Radio

The interview Why Alex Fidel supports the Truth In Media Project My name is Alex Fidel of I support Ben Swann's Truth in Media Project...

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