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Armed Russian forces backed by armored vehicles broke into a Ukrainian airbase Saturday in Crimea.  The three armored vehicles reportedly rammed through a gate...

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Vindicated Show Podcast

Vince Urrabazo from The Vindicated Show Podcast, interviews Ben Swann about his Truth in Media Project. Vince is a newly-awakened individual here on Earth to expose...
We Are Change

We Are Change CT catches up with Ben Swann at the Defense Of Liberty PAC barbeque. Ben talks about the Truth In Media project...
Ben Swann and Kristin Tate Interview

Kristin Tate interviews Ben Swann, Tyrel Ventura from BuzzSaw, Free State Project president Carla Gericke and many others at the Truth In Media Launch Event.
Ben Swann PayPal

Friends, We are only days away from the official end of our Kickstarter campaign.  As you may know, over 4,000 people backed the project to...

"Ben Swann is the former Fox19 TV news man who everyone’s talking about. Ben is the only man to basically ask Obama to his...
Gray State

Thanks to the team at Gray State for putting this video together. (Warning- graphic language)

Spoiler alert: Swann says that he is opposed to Agenda 21 but loves that the globalists have given us a blueprint by which to...

Interview discussing wising up to government lying us into war; the terrible consequences of the US drug war in Mexico.... click here for the...

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Friends, I want to begin by saying thank you for signing up for this email list and for your incredible support of my work with...

Friends, Please take the time to view our new film entitled, "Ten Dollars, YOU and the Power to Change the World". Just so...

Ben Swann Naming Names In IRS Scandal on Hannity

Friends, Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being on "The Peter Schiff Show". I had a great time talking to Peter and his crew...

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Ben Swann is leaving Fox 19 in Cincinnati.

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