By: Joshua Cook

“Clearly, any family may be visited by federally paid agents for almost any reason.”

According to an Obamacare provision millions of Americans will be targeted.

The Health and Human Services’ website states that your family will be targeted if you fall under the “high-risk” categories below:

  • Families where mom is not yet 21.
  • Families where someone is a tobacco user.
  • Families where children have low student achievement, developmental delays, or disabilities.
  • Families with individuals who are serving or formerly served in the armed forces, including such families that have members of the armed forces who have had multiple deployments outside the United States.

There is no reference to Medicaid being the determinant for a family to be “eligible.”

In 2011, the HHS announced $224 million will be given to support evidence-based home visiting programs to “help parents and children.” Individuals from the state will implement these leveraging strategies to “enhance program sustainability.”

Constitutional attorney and author Kent Masterson Brown states,

“This is not a “voluntary” program. The eligible entity receiving the grant for performing the home visits is to identify the individuals to be visited and intervene so as to meet the improvement benchmarks. A homeschooling family, for instance, may be subject to “intervention” in “school readiness” and “social-emotional developmental indicators.” A farm family may be subject to “intervention” in order to “prevent child injuries.” The sky is the limit.

Although the Obama administration would claim the provision applies only to Medicaid families, the new statute, by its own definition, has no such limitation. Intervention may be with any family for any reason. It may also result in the child or children being required to go to certain schools or taking certain medications and vaccines and even having more limited – or no – interaction with parents. The federal government will now set the standards for raising children and will enforce them by home visits.”

Part of the program will require massive data collecting of private information including all sources of income and the amount gathered from each source.

A manual called Child Neglect: A Guide for Prevention, Assessment, and Intervention includes firearms as potential safety hazard  and will require inspectors to verify safety compliance and record each inspection into a database.

Last session South Carolina Rep. Bill Chumley introduced a bill, H.3101 that would nullify certain provisions of Obamacare. The bill would give the state attorney general the authority to authorize law enforcement to arrest federal agents for trespassing. It would make forced home inspections under Obamacare illegal in South Carolina. It passed in the House but died in the senate.

Kent Brown and Rep. Rick Quinn discuss “forced” home inspections under Obamacare in the video below.

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Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook is the Vice Chair for the Republican Liberty Caucus of South Carolina. Joshua Cook's articles have also been cited on sites such as InfoWars, Reason.com, WND.com, Breitbart.com, DailyCaller and FreedomOutPost.com. If you have any tips please email me at [email protected] Like me on FB and follow me on Twitter.

  • Michael R. McPherson Pierotti

    I don’t even know where to start on this one!

    • Ammy Pearson

      Obama = Hilter

      • Lucky Leisuresuit Larry

        No Hitler for his many shortcoming was at least intelligent, hard working and had nationalistic pride.

  • Jeremiah Cress

    Ok…I’m concerned.

  • Mark Robert

    Please call your Congressman and Senators and tell them to stand with, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Justin Amash and Rand Paul, In Defunding Obamacare.

    Tell them. “We don’t want, Mass immigration, NSA spying on us, SOPA, CISPA, PIPA or any other anti-Constitutional anti-American crap shove down our throats.”


    Every Anti-American gun grabbing politician should be indicted for treason.

    Please sign the petition: @ Don’t fund it .com

  • Kojackson

    I’d love a lawyer to dumb down the terminology. When I read it, it sounds like this is about states with “home visiting programs” are trying to qualify to get more money for said programs, and in doing so, anyone who gets access to these “home visiting programs” would be subject to these “forced inspections”. Could we get clarification

    • hsmom2004

      I’ve read the bill, specifically this section, before it passed. Those states that sign on to implement the Affordable Care Act will, by virtue of that action, receive funds to hire people to go into people’s homes. The more home inspections they do, the more money the state gets. Does that help make this clearer for you?

  • NewHampshire

    In Mass, if you send your child to the Pre-K program, you do get a visit every Monday from the staff as a requirement.

    • Joe

      that’s kind of scary… but then again, so is Massachusetts!

      • PhillipGaley

        Wasn’t it Massachusetts which had a senator who had a clandestine consort, and somehow she managed to get pregnant, and somehow or other, he drowned her, or let her drown, and he ended up paying a lot of “hush money” to her family?

        • Joe

          name of Kennedy…mmmmmm…???

    • Masshole

      i live in mass i never heard that

      • Michael Langley

        Conspiracy theory type thing on a cold case. We will never know, because, it seems to be common knowledge that our justus (I know how to spell it) system is broken. You know! The kind that former and present, law enforcement, lawyers, politicians, judges, AND THE RICH enjoy?! Couldn’t figure how Jesse Jr got thirty months!?

  • GruntLogic83

    http://www.hhs.gov/healthcare/rights/law/patient-protection.pdf page 574/575 for those of you that don’t believe this

    • IndieVeteran

      Page number would be handy.

      • Reasonable Person

        On page 576 –

        “Assurances that the entity will establish procedures to ensure that—

        ‘‘(A) the participation of each eligible family in the program is voluntary”

        This really seems like sensationalism. The only person calling it “forced” is the attorney in the article making an argument against the Obamacare law. He is a noted Tea Party attorney who is suing to nullify the law and this is just one of the arguments he is using. It also appears to be false.

        • bigwhitedog

          I agree. I think it’s BS!!

        • ThinkingLeader

          Whether you believe it or not the SC passed the bill because of their concern of government intrusion. See video.

          • ThinkingLeader

            I mean the SC House not the senate.

        • Liberty Survival

          Just read that and thought the same thing, there are a million things that make this law bad but this does say specifically it is voluntary.

          • jiagap

            one of the “voluntary” problems: These things are always touted as “help” so foolish and vulnerable people ask for the help being offered. Once they are inside your doors they find things that do not “fit” the helper’s orthodoxy of family life. And often the “volunteer” status trans-morphs in to not-so-voluntary any more… Also, this sort of intrusion is already bad enough at County level, but to get the feds involved, along with a whole new layer of “helpers” paid by federal tax dollars is another layer. And you know the more they invest, the more reason they will find to invest more, and more, and more, and more…… just sayin..

        • MrE03

          Let’s reflect on everything in America that started out as voluntary and has now turned into mandatory. That is a long list.

          • Jerry

            Wasn’t Social Security a voluntary program?

          • jimkress

            According to Harry Reid, the Income Tax is voluntary.

  • James A. Lonon

    We will all be the Kings serfs before we realize it has happened.

    • Kat

      We already are.

  • okeydoke

    Just don’t let them in your house , that simple

    • MrE03

      Then the police arrive, guns brandished, yelling and screaming at you hoping that you do something suspicious so they can open fire. Then if they don’t kill you they still take your children away to be abused (and maybe die) in foster care.

      • Michael Langley

        Regular police will not be involved! They will call the SWAT team in!

  • Lucius Liu

    Defund this nightmare already.

  • Cheesy

    JUST SAY “NO!”

  • Kyle Kendall

    Here they come…walking down your street….get the funniest feelings
    from….The HHS people we meet….HEY HEY their the Government, people
    say they infringe on your rights…but they’re too busy searching, to
    see that they broke the law!!

    • G. Concerned

      Nice monkeys reference.

  • Helder Pinto

    “Families where someone is a tobacco user.”
    That’s like 90% of the population! I smell something fishy in all of this.

    • jk2001

      Depends on what part of the country you’re in.

  • Liberty Survival

    No wonder they are trying to take our guns away.

  • NathanExplosion

    This article has as much substance to it as my movements do after a night of heavy drinking.

    And for those unable to process the above sentence: This article has zero substance to it.

    • Blake

      And “you’ll get to KEEP your health care plan if you want to”. Nope, never lied to EVER, nope..

      • NathanExplosion

        Not sure what you are referring to, although I am sure it is useful. Thanks!

        • no1athomehere

          I don’t know if you’re legitimately stupid or just one of Lenins “useful idiots”, but either way, you’ll find out exactly how you’ve been lied to eventually.

          • NathanExplosion

            You can keep you communist propaganda to yourself. This is America and we don’t need no communist sympathizers around here!

  • chellethesouthernbelle

    I know this is opening the door for more govt intrusion, but this will be for families who are receiving govt benefits, medicaid, wic, food stamps etc…don’t want them at your door, then don’t be getting a hand out…it’s as simple as that…

    • aliciacross

      I would not call being military receiving a “hand out”

      • chellethesouthernbelle

        I believe only those who are military and get wic (wic is considered an entitlement program) or some other sort of medicaid service would be in the program…I don’t believe it intended to include a family just because they are military.

    • Venus Brown

      Actually, this guy is claiming it’s involuntary, but the articles he linked to say these programs are voluntary.

      • RageFury

        I been reading that from a few people, how does that affect the PDF on neglect the article linked and the collection of Private data. Nobody holding your position has addressed this.

      • chellethesouthernbelle

        what i read said it would be random house checks…around 1500 i believe I recall but that could have been in each of 12 states that are participating…

    • Tanya Denee’

      Did you read the entire article?

      “Although the Obama administration would claim the provision applies only to Medicaid families, the new statute, by its own definition, has no such limitation. Intervention may be with any family for any reason.”

      …..so apparently it’s not “as simple as that”.

      • chellethesouthernbelle

        yes I read the entire article and then did about 1/2 hr research on it because my adult handicapped son is on SSI and is covered by medicaid…

    • DolphinArtist67

      my Veterans Benefits are NOT A FRIGGIN’ HANDOUT!!! I served my country and EARNED them, so by gosh I’m entitled to them, and I’m entitled to be left the hell alone by the very government that I served!!! Thank you so very much!

      • chellethesouthernbelle

        I guess first we’d have to define what entitlements are legally and or socially….according to the govt they include veterans benefits as entitlements as well…

        patriots are the ones that call entitlements handouts…

        I consider something a hand out when someone takes help from the govt when they could have paid for it themselves

        but from what i’m seeing is it’s depends on a person’s perspective as to what determines what a hand out is….. how it is relative to a person’s situation of whether or not they consider it a handout, and/or an entitlement…for instance someone who qualifies for food stamps and does not get them, they usually call food stamps a hand out, but that same person could be getting earned income credit on their taxes and never consider that, a handout (free money)…yet the govt calls earned income an entitlement…

        My son is an iraq war vet, but he choses not to use his veteran benefits to get medical help from the govt because he don’t want them telling him what to do or prying into his life…basically what I’m saying is if we take anything from the govt, from WIC, to medicaid, food stamps, low income housing…college funds, veterans benefits, social security or SSI…we can expect to be subject to them telling us what and how to do…even so far as having our children in public school or driving on county and state highways…we use govt fund and or facilites and they are going to tell us how, when, what, where and how much…it’s as simple as that.

        • bgonz1990

          Bitch please. I’ll stop taking my food stamps(“entitlement) when politicians stop collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Spending millions of dollars on themselves. Maybe worry about that before making a cheesy copout about welfare.

          • chellethesouthernbelle

            I’m not your bitch…and this article is not about what the govt is taking from tax payers…it’s about the govt intrusion into the lives of those who take from the govt….maybe they’ll be checking your house and telling you what to do next :)

  • Bob Thomas


    Actually this is just more complete BS…..geez people, learn to read
    Notice VOLUNTARY in the FIRST sentence

    • Tanya Denee’

      Notice NOT prior to the word VOLUNTARY?

    • MrE03

      I’ll post this again, Let’s reflect on everything in America that has started out as voluntary and has turned into mandatory. That is a long list.

  • Jacob

    Read the actual source document, it says nothing about forced searches. Rather, it’s giving grants to states to help families who are at risk by giving them the *option* to have councilors etc visit the home. https://grants3.hrsa.gov/2010/Web2External/Interface/FundingCycle/ExternalView.aspx?&fCycleID=9E7EA909-4562-4FBE-86DA-D5F383C3ACFB&ViewMode=EU&GoBack=&PrintMode=&OnlineAvailabilityFlag=True&pageNumber=1

    • DeDe Terry Alexander

      And why is a family considered ‘at risk’ just because someone in the family is a vet? How does being a vet put me ‘at risk’? I would like to know how they came up with their idea of who is ‘at risk’ and what are we ‘at risk’ of?

  • Elaine

    oh, voluntary it says. Kind of like how there is no law stating we actually owe taxes and yet we all “voluntarily” pay them anyway?

  • Ron Clermont

    I can see it being voluntary till you say no……..

  • Blake

    Voluntary until you get denied health care by one of 0bama’s death panels until you comply.

  • Aeffesstoo

    I reserve the right to shoot the ass off anyone that enters my home without my permission.

  • BuckeyeSam

    WTF are these Obamacon creeps up to? Where does it end?

  • Amber

    You know, people that keep saying “it’s voluntary!” don’t realize that just because it’s “voluntary” doesn’t mean you won’t be forced one way or another, or otherwise punished for your rebellion.

    When higher-ups feel like they are better parents than parents (“Parenting is such a tough job, we just want to help”), they tend to not take “no” for an answer. To them, a “no” means “I’m a bad parent,” and they’ll either mark you up as such so that your benefits suffer, or they just force their way in anyway, and so on. Just like how, when Obamacare was passed, people who willfully choose to not have a particular insurance would be penalized (oops, I mean “taxed”) for doing so.

    “Recommended treatment” isn’t voluntary. It’s required. Do it or else, pretty much.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      “Voluntary” is just doublespeak……the income tax is “voluntary” except for the tiny detail where it’s “voluntary compliance”. It SOUNDS good but never is; because we don’t dig in our heels and refuse to comply with all their treasonous actions (including those by the thugs in their gang colors) they continue to take more and more. They WILL NOT STOP on their own–they will NEVER “comply.”

  • Donna W

    They shouldn’t be making plans to enter ANYone’s home! No one gets to visit theirs! That’s the point. And when people start pushing back, it won’t be voluntary anymore. This is absolutely hideous news.

  • Don Severns

    I’m pretty sure the Federal Income Tax is also classified as voluntary too. At least I’ve seen Harry Reid say and defend that position.

  • mare-bear

    looks like it’s “voluntary” for the states but I have no idea if that means if you live in a state that opts for this if it’s voluntary for individuals who live in that state… would be really nice to know…

  • King Umbarrii



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    At Mrs. Nordman’s request, I include in the RECORD, under
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  • ChantelleMoore

    Try it, my hubby has a surprise behind the kitchen door for ya lberal pantywaists lolololol

    • Jackson Mehoff

      Duh….now you just told them not to enter through the kitchen….

  • jason

    The solution is to keep a loaded firearm handy at all times and when they show up un announced and try to force their way in, some hot lead entering their heads will make them think twice on the next one.

  • TheRealEvilGenius

    Well, if they don’t have a warrant to visit me, the door will not be opened for these unconstitutional intrusions into my life.

  • Sally_Oh

    I will not comply. Ever. In any way. Thank goodness my kids are grown. Home-schooled and savvy. LibertyCandidates.com — the non-violent way to take our country back.

    • Nick,IL

      Unfortunately there is no way to do it non-violently.

      We need a Gladiator so to say…

    • Jackson Mehoff

      Non violence only works for a short time period. Given time the traitorous Dems/libs/progressives will only come back and try their tricks to turn this nation into a mediocre Europeon Socialist nation. Gonna have to exterminate every last one of the vermin to be sure they cannot return to power and destroy this nation.

      • 7LibertyForAll

        Oops, you forgot the repuglicans! They’re ALL in on it.

  • jenlt

    They can kiss my lily white ass if they think they are coming into my home for ANY reason without a search warrant. Seriously, who do these people think they are??? (That’s a rhetorical question – I know full well, they believe they own us).
    I don’t like the fact that we are a welfare state (I have no problem helping those that really need help, but come on now), but I still don’t even think being on Medicare gives this illegitimate, corrupt government any right to having their home inspected.
    All I’ve got to say, if they force their way in, they won’t like what the find on the other side of the door!!!

    • Rogoraeck

      Find out who they are, where they live, where their children go to school? All about their family, & just friendly like tell them about it!

  • Frank_O

    Simply more evidence of an out-of-control police state that is part of a bigger & more out-of-control welfare/warfare/police state. For all practical purposes, the USA, US Constitution & US Dollar are dead. Of course, you really can’t kill good ideas, but if citizens just roll over & play dead as our nation, Constitution & monetary system (which was supposed to be based on gold/silver & with no Central Bank) collapse, then they are effectively dead. Right now, I see no real determined & organized opposition to Big Brother (what the USA has turned into).

    • followiceland

      banks and muliti-nationals have completely out-done themselves! look at the way they have streer’d this ship last 20 yrs!! history will look back at us as complete tyrants!!!

  • Kevin Merck

    They’re coming in folks, even if it means they have to use foreign troops. They want your guns and are coming for them every which way they can.
    I was told that when women got more power we would all be better off.
    What happened?

    • Rogoraeck

      It’s not real women who are the problem. It is the eco-fascist,nazi feminist bull dykes!

      • followiceland

        clinton you mean :/

        • Redneck Packrat

          Yes. And Janet (both of ‘em) and Karen and Valerie and….

    • Jackson Mehoff

      From my cold dead hands. Best hope those foreigners have good medical insurance.

    • Rob Dies

      I suggest getting door barricades and window bars that can be hidden and deployed at a moment’s notice. Make them have to WORK to get in. Also, get an escape plan ready so that when they do get in you and yours can be long gone.

  • Matt

    So its a grant program for states to expandexisting pleograms or implement new programs targeted at any of the 9 populations indicated. I don’t see anywhere in this document where it says any of the state programs which may receive the grant funds are mandatory programs, nor do i see where individuals not participating in the programs will be subject to “forced” inspectioins. What am I missing here?

    The doc: https://grants3.hrsa.gov/2010/Web2External/Platform/Interface/DisplayAttachment.aspx?dm_rtc=16&dm_attid=8821a7d2-3138-41b5-b761-5ecfcc182c46&dm_attinst=0

  • PJ

    Let me tell you how it goes, since it was done to me and my husband, now deceased as a result of an intrusion into our home…due to a false report for a welfare check.

    First they bust into our home, accused my husband of having altered levels of consciousness, because he refused to speak to them, so he was hospitalized, and forced meds.

    NEXT, they wrote bogus reports, ‘no food, no water’ and threatened me with arrest, several times.

    Then when there their own investigation concluded no substantiation to allegations. None. I could not get my husband out of this death trap medical center, even with his own attorney at his bedside…

    But, afer MEDICARE was notified about what was going on, they phoned the Dr. and the hospital and told them, “they were not getting paid”

    With in a very short time, they released my husband home, with hospital-acquired delirium.

    • Red Blues

      My condolences to you for your loss.

      Sadly many were all in favor of “healthcare for all” when it’s really “health insurance for all’… we already have statute law the makes it illegal for a hospital or clinic to refuse care. This is just a way to siphon all the money from the best health care system in the world into the government coffers… and the IRS targeting of those who favor limited gubermunt is what everyone who disagrees with the ‘new normal’ will now face.

      Disagree with any of these bureaucratic slaves and face the same as you and your family. Might be why they’re stocking upon all the 4 person coffins at the new FEMA camps… when this really goes into effect full throttle, they expect a few (million) to disagree.

    • Jeannine Huskey

      Sounds like you need a better attorney. Nobody should be forced into hospitalization and forced to take meds unless they are a physical threat to themselves or others. Not wanting to talk is not a physical threat. I hope you find someone to represent you and your husband, and SUE THE PANTS OFF THE GOVERNMENT.

  • Rogoraeck

    We are not SPYING on American citizens! We are only gathering information & data about them!
    The schwarza mamzer a.k.a. POTUS

  • wheelnut53

    if I can smoke while they are here its ok with me

    • Rob Dies

      Its your home. If they tell you to put it out, light up another.

  • Jackson Mehoff

    Best way to stop this B.S is to shoot any gov agent that comes to ‘inspect”. The hell with this treasonous government.

  • Bird Fu

    Can we start by allowing their homes visited first ?..I guess Obama is trying to go “one up”…on Russian leader Putin..who is already allowing that !

  • KR

    I received a home phone call from these asshats asking me if I was a state resident (first question), which I never answered, but instead asked her who she was. She said she was with the healthcare intitative with the fed govt wanting to know if I would like a home inspection for my health and the health of the house such as radon gas leaks and high cholesterol. I got more info from her than she did from me. Turn the tables on them and start datamining their asses.

    • 7LibertyForAll


    • tionico

      Such calls are almost certainly from some scamming outfit masquerading as government. They can finagle a fee of some sort for their “services”, or, at the least, mine enough data from unsuspecting ignorants to accomplish identity theft. No, government does NOT call people to get them to sign up, arrange “inspections”, etc. Certainly a scam. You did the right thing….. blew them off.

  • Sarah Conner

    I will not comply,I will not be silent,I will not obey,I will not bow down…I AM AN AMERICAN…I WILL DIE ON MY FEET,NOT ON MY KNEES…

    • Kathleen Murphy

      that is the only way.

  • Viagravated

    If a “burglar” makes it into your home you have every right to shoot him.

  • littlejohn

    there not enough of them to make it thu even one state.
    till there all dead!!!

  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com/ Silver Fang

    If this is true, it’s a violation of the spirit of the Fourth Amendment. However, the Fourth Amendment is technically limited only to police searches for criminal evidence. These inspections would be considered administrative (like TSA patdowns) and would thus be considered exempt from the Fourth Amendment. What needs to be done is to expand the Fourth Amendment to cover ALL government interaction with people on all levels.

    • Joe

      I don’t know the law that well, but are you saying that all non-police government agents (aka “administrative”) are allowed to violate the 4th Amendment? I was under the impression it applied to the government as a whole, not just police. Can someone please clarify? Thanks.

      • Kythas

        It does apply to government as a whole. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

      • Raised in the D

        Here is a personally experienced example: My nosy ex mother in law called CPS and accused me of neglecting my step kids because I would not allow her to have them over while their birth mother was visiting her. The birth mother had lost her parental rights for neglect and allowing, yes allowing, her nephew to sexually abuse them. A CPS worker knocked on my door and I opened the door and stepped outside. She asked if she could come in so we could “talk”. My response was “Do you have a warrant signed by a judge to inspect my home and under what probable cause?” She said it was an informal visit. So I said, my front porch is fine then. She asked to see the children. I asked under what probable cause. She started getting aggressive. I then told her “Under the 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America you must produce probable cause to a judge for a warrant and until you do, get off my porch!” I was never bothered again…They count on people not knowing that it applies to government agencies. They can’t inspect if you don’t let them in. You have rights! It is in your best interests to learn them…

        • jk2001

          Do you realize you sounded like a crazy person?

    • Gray Fox

      But see the 4th is broad enough that it really should cover things like this. The problem is bureaucrats and corrupt lawyers play word games and manipulate what the 4th “really” means to give the gov’t lee-way to do as they please…
      when in fact it’s nothing more then usurpation of the 4th I feel.

    • tionico

      the text of the Fourth Article of Ammendment has no language to limit the purpose of any potential searches. It merely says “search”… no warrant, no search. Public officials think they haev legitimate reason to show up for a “home instpection”, they need to articulate the grounds for that inspection, another word for “search”. Get a clue… the Founders put that there to prevent things exactly like this happening. And no, TSA have no free pass, either. When I present myself to board a commercial aircraft, under this Article of Ammendment they MUST articulate probable caue to do more than assure I am who I represent myself to be….. something they do NOT require when I show up to vote, by the bye…….

  • Static Brain

    It is a VOLUNTARY home visit program with money given to the states for
    such programs. If parents are concerned about home visit programs, they need
    not participate. You can read it at the social security website. “(7)
    Assurances that the entity will establish procedures to ensure that—
    (A) the participation of each eligible family in the program is voluntary; and
    (B) services are provided to an eligible family in accordance with the individual assessment for that family.” https://www.socialsecurity.gov/OP_Home/ssact/title05/0511.htm

    • Gray Fox

      Do not be so naive, the thing that should be most worrisome is that after time these “voluntary” inspections might be used as a means to obtain probable cause to invade private residence with no just cause.
      If you deny an inspection they’ll use it against you, like other times they do things like this.

      Think of it like a traffic stop, if you deny them they can use it as an excuse to search you anyways… and if you truly believe that won’t happen then I feel sorry for you for being completely gullible.

      • jk2001

        That could happen, but I suspect that the agencies doing the visits will tend to stick with easy-to-visit homes. Why would anyone make the effort to contact someone who resists? These are not government agents. They’re most likely going to be poorly paid canvassers.

    • Ginny Lindsay

      Social Security is voluntary too, but try saying hey don’t deduct that from my check.

    • doppelganglander

      And how long do you suppose it would be before noncompliance would be considered suspicious and therefore grounds for forced intervention? Must have something to hide, right? I don’t know which is more terrifying – that the government wants to invade our homes this way, or that so many people will think this is perfectly reasonable.

    • TheLump

      I love all the “slippery slope” arguments to your post.

  • Manuel Lagares

    The United States is quickly becoming Nazi Germany.

    • ROSITA

      it is not becoming…IT IS ALREADY NAZI GERMANY!

  • Jan Gaughan Thompson

    Be careful, you get what you vote for!

  • CrazyAuntJane

    I would have thought the elderly and disabled would be on the list of people who need to be checked for their own safety..

    • Lee New

      Not under this act appropriately called: Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV).

      • DeDe Terry Alexander

        If it is for women, babies, and young children then why does the list of ‘at risk’ families include “families with active duty or veteran military”? A lot of those families have either older teens or are themselves grandparents. What are they ‘at risk’ of?

  • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

    Death to the New World Order – Long live the Republic!

  • Brandon

    Everything always starts out as voluntary lol

  • Raised in the D

    Good luck getting into my house…

  • littlejohn

    the word FORCED dose not mean VOLUNTARY.

    the USA was behind 911, the guys who did 911 was trained on our own

    it was done by the USA .

    and now we all know why.

    they needed to removed our rights.

    and needed big money to pull this bs off.

    we got to all stand up as one and stop this bs now.

    need to march to the white house.

    • Foogan

      You are so right. People would rather not believe the truth. If they did they would then have to face reality.

      • Richard

        “The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”


    Time to build a snipers nest. They had better bring all their boys.

    • allah_speaking

      man-traps (particularly those used some time ago in England for catching poachers) :) google it…

  • mickey

    Why are we letting this Illegal/Muslim, walk amongst us? This Arrogant SOB, needs to be taken out now, with many more of his appointees to follow, especially the Muslims.

    • http://www.facebook.com/casey.rose.161 Casey Rose

      Can you die tomorrow? if not then the next day? Hurry up, we don’t want your kind around good people anymore!

      • Rox

        The greater force on this planet is moving toward harmony and peace, please try to keep up, Mickey.

      • Tired of Liberals

        That’s charming Casey. Another compassionate liberal speaks again. Think like I do or die. Idiot.

  • jmstalk

    Very sick of this

  • rosita

    let me see if i get this straight, i wont even get the option to say,that if that is a requirement for me to benefit from what you are offering then i don’t want the benefit and there for, i dont have to comply?

  • Ereka

    This is bullshit

  • Ereka

    I read the bill, didn’t see any of this. I think it is just Republican scare tactics

    • ErekaCantRead
      • TheLump

        That’s the same link as above. That’s still not what it says.

    • lberns

      Partisan bickering among statists is like watching monkeys throw feces at each other. Useless, but entertaining.

      BTW – All I see in the bill is a gun pointed at my head. Purchase this product, or else…

    • rhondajo3

      You WANT O Care ??

      • justabil

        I do. In fact it has already improved my life greatly. My kids can stay on my insurance even though they’ve graduated, and my health insurance company has already refunded me money because they didn’t spend enough of it on actual healthcare costs. Also I can change insurance companies without worry, because there is no worry about my preexisting conditions. I’m not required to stay in a job I hate just for the insurance.

        • RC

          not around here! Blue State i live

        • Cathi Korelin

          For some people that is a big boost and I am happy for you. In my case the cost of insurance is based on agi so my cost will be 5k or 600 per month. No consideration is taken for actual net pay. My husband brings home 1400 per month. Minus insurance at 600 and that leaves 800 per month for rent, cars, food, etc. Not possible.

          • jk2001

            If you’re income is only $1400 a month, you qualify for medicaid.

            If your agi is around 62k, you might fall into that gap between subsidized and unsubsidized insurance.

            If your gross is around 62k+, but your net is much, much less, you might try asking an accountant about how to classify the expenses as deductible expenses.

    • larry burdge

      Sure, they’re always trying to scare all of us while the Dems are trying to reassure us to trust them, with non-news such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc., etc., etc.

  • allah_speaking

    Where’s the opt-out provision?

  • LibertarianPeach

    I have read the bill and yes this is in there BUT and I mean a big BUT, it was also in the Social Security Act in 1935 Called the Project to Improve maternal, infant and child health. It’s almost the same wording as in the SS act. It’s been around 78 years now!

    • larry burdge

      So,,,,,,,,,,, There’s nothing to be alarmed about considering today’s Federal/State Government and how/what they do to the peasant’s when they want if you look at the SS act in 1935? We have an identical type of political rulers to deal with now as then? Ever hear of Ruby Ridge? Waco? Fast and furious? And on and on and on?

      • Slim_Strontem

        In 35, people would NOT let the cops in their homes w/o warrants being served, and ONLY after the targeted individual had a chance to examine it.

        • larry burdge

          In ’35′ the Government ALSO acted/proceeded in a different way. With today’s government, warrant/no warrant, they go in. Then it’s cover-up/deny/delay. Someone gets killed? No problem. Obama stands up in front of a camera and say’s to the peasants, “We’re going to get to the bottom of this and the one’s responsible will be punished to the full extent of the law, I will not rest until this is done”. The we find out that the ones might/may be identified and are asked to resign, only to find out later that they were actually put into another government job. What U gonn’a do when they show up announcing their presents by bashing in your door at 0-dark-30 in the morning, auto MP-5′s cocked and loaded?

          • Slim_Strontem

            Yeah. Somehow I invited all of that from you.

          • larry burdge

            Actually Slim, My comment was mostly directed at some who cannot “connect the dots” as to what is happening to this country as never before on such a level as never seen before. Sometimes people have to be shown that 2+2=’s 4…………… Are you one of them? Don’t take it so personal. AND, YES, you did invite all of that from me. No problem though, I’ve got the time, and if not, I’ll take the time, it’s that important.. Next please.

          • Slim_Strontem

            My dots pointed to our abandonment of personal sovereignty and rule of law. (Big city paradigms not withstanding.) Hence, your given response was not only unnecessary, but detracted from the very points you claim to support. But, whatever. We will adjust to new trolling styles quicker than the last times.

          • larry burdge

            I stand by my statement and ,Yeah, You did invite my response and I still don’t see how my comment was unnecessary and detract in any way or form the very points I DO support. But whatever, since you seem to think that any comment expanding the topic at hand is trolling and therefore somehow adverse to you. I hope you do adjust, you need to.

          • Slim_Strontem

            faulted my statement
            –> detracting
            disputing the niceties of flaming and trolling and being a jerk, is like disputing the niceties of Marxism and Leninism
            and, thanks for your well wishes and remedies, your shrinkiness.

          • larry burdge

            Aren’t you a bit late for the Occutard meeting down at your local Union Hall, Slim?

          • Slim_Strontem


          • larry burdge


    • Richard

      That is very interesting….we have become a communist nation when we started the Fe. Bank Reserve, SS, and welfare

  • mcrognale

    I read the entire bill. I did not find any mention of firearms or forced inspections. The inspection apparently only occur if someone applies for a grant of money.

    • Matt

      It seems to me the grant is for states to broaden current programs or implement new programs for home visit services. I don’t see anywhere in the document where any of these programs are mandatory for the states or for anyone to participate in.

    • jwebsmall

      Apparently is the operative word. Did you read anywhere in the entire bill that limits the authority to make inspections. Why would anyone volunteer for a home inspection? They wouldn’t – so what would be the purpose of the bill then in this regard? If congress doesn’t act “I will.” How does that work? In other words mission creep is a common practice. If the bill doesn’t prevent it then some bureaucrat is going to take everything he can get and grab for more. Do Americans really deserve to retain their liberty? Apparently not.

    • Rich

      You did not read the article very closely. It does not say that the bill mentions firearms. The definition of “high risk” comes from other sources, as well. You err by assuming all the details are in some bill when the bill merely provides a skeleton. The flesh consists of the rules, regulations, policies, and manuals written to implement the bill.

  • Jenna

    The source linked is a provision for a grant available to state agencies. The agencies performing these visits would be the STATE AGENCIES receiving the grant funds, in fulfillment of the grant requirements… not Federal Agents. = Please learn to read.

  • jwebsmall

    The draft is just around the counter. Why enlist? The military has always used troops for medical experiments but lately solders have become human lab rats on an almost regular basis. Why enlist only to come home to find social services inspecting your home life or being put on a DHS watch list as a potential terrorist, or having your second amendment rights taken from you without due process.

  • RC

    they will not enlist anymore, the battle will be here at home with this administration we are in grave danger in this this nation NOW!

    • Richard

      Folks the Sleeping Bear is the people of this Nation, not what we view as a nation. It is time for us to waken and start the fight, too many are sleeping.

      • tantip1

        We did have a fight and it was called a Presidential election and Obama won, again!

    • tantip1


  • Dale

    Socialism walks into people’s lives with the phrase, “we are here to help you.” Ask anyone from a socialist nation if that is true! Plus, every communist society started as a form of socialism. Hitler and Stalin were some of the first. Will Obama become one too or open the door for the next Hitler???

    • OhConservative

      O is the next H installed by N a zi s and m u s l im s

    • jk2001

      Most communist countries started out as either feudal or capitalist, and there was a revolution that changed it to communism. Look up Cuba, China, Russia, Cambodia, Korea. Vietnam was a little different because it was a nationalist anti-colonialist fight.

    • tantip1


      • gmo2ashes

        Translation: Obama is a confirmed communist. What part of that do you NOT understand?


        • tantip1

          President Obama is awesome and was elected twice, not once but twice so what part of that don’t you understand.

  • gman68137

    Get a warrant or get the !@#$ out of my yard. Never let ‘em in your house. Child protective services are more dangerous than overzealous police to families.

  • Mrs.B

    If people do not believe this can happen then they are in denial. My family has experienced the loss of two of my grandchildren because of DHS. My daughter in law asked for help from DHS and the next thing we knew CPS took my grandsons away. They then told her she had to comply with everything they wanted or she would not get them back. For the last year she has done everything she was asked to do plus and they still removed her rights and will not let anyone else in the family have the boys. My grandsons are being adopted out to a family CPS picked for them. This couple cannot have kids so they are being sold my grandchildren…How is that right?

    • Hard Boiled

      i would need to know why she went to DHS to begin with. when you ask the government for help, you give them the rights to hold certain powers over you. i dont see anything about a lawyer being involved. a judge will not remove rights unless there is an issue where the children are in direct harm or their safety is compromised. i need more info.

    • jk2001

      Why did CPS get involved? What’s the whole story here?

    • tantip1

      I can’t see CPS taking your grandson away for no reason. A friend of mine lost her kids for a while because she beat the heck out of them and they were trying to protect the kids and i’m not saying that’s what happened in this case but they’re not just going to take a child for nothing.

      • gmo2ashes

        “I can’t see” …yet another soul liberating admission.

        • Mary

          “I can’t see” .
          That seems to be your mantra, not hers. You “see” what isn’t there.

  • SKC

    This was a free country believing in God, Guns and Family. It sure looks like we are slowly becoming communistic and that scares the hell out of me.

    • Richard

      We are there man, we are there

    • tantip1

      I believe in god and family but guns, not so much.

    • Mary

      What scares the hell out of me is people like you who don’t even seem to understand what communism IS.

  • Dick Richardson

    were living in the end times—the world situation until christ returns—will get worse and worse

    • Atlantic Oak

      If we waiting for man made fiction mythological characters that represent reasons to our not being responsible to take action on your own,we will definitely be seeing the END of Times and the world as we knew it as children.

    • Mary

      Jesus said he would return during the lifetime of his apostles, several times. St. Paul believed that too.

      “For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and will then repay every man according to his deeds. Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom.“ (Matthew 16: 27, 28)

      Now these things happened to them as an example, but they were written down for our instruction, on whom the end of the ages has come.” (1 Corinthians 10:11)

      Every generation since Jesus passed thought the endtimes were near.

      It is dangerous to read into our present situation something that is not there. ObamaCare does not herald the end of the world.

  • Richard

    “The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits,
    or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that
    class, while, on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”
    Rothschild 1838

  • Petition Redress

    I read and scanned through Sec. 2951 in the PPACA and did not see anything about a “forced” visitation, or a home “inspection.” The program causing a stir is called the “Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program.” And it also shows the amount of money to be spent over the past three years. From 2010 through 2012, the program was allocated $700 million. For 2013-2014, it was allocated another $800 million. W that kind of money, and having started in 2010, I think we would have heard from home educators, et al, if the program were doing any harm, “forced home inspections,” violating rights, etc.

  • Petition Redress

    I also just checked the Web site of the Home School Legal Defense Ass’n. “You may have recently heard a rumor that the health care law includes a provision mandating home visits by government social workers…this particular rumor is not true.” You can see their full response here: http://www.hslda.org/docs/news/2013/201308160.asp

    • Jeremiah Cress

      That pretty much clears it up… Thanks.

    • Nina

      What it says is that it’s not likely to cause forced home visits as long as you don’t accept any government aid…ya know like medicaid, medicare, welfare, food stamps, homeschool or charter school subsidies…stuff like that.

    • http://FreedomOutpost.com/ Tim Brown

      I’d say to be careful how HSLDA understands the original intent of the Constitution. Michael Farris so aptly demonstrated why he should not be trusted in his interaction with a Constitutional scholar here: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/07/parental-rights-god-given-and-unalienable-or-government-granted-and-revocable/

  • gmo2ashes


    If you are one of the millions of Americans who does not want to be forced into purchasing “affordable” health care under Obama starting in 2014, you have the option to decline. As reported elsewhere, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not actually have the power or authority to collect so-called “taxes” for non-compliance with Obamacare’s individual mandate, which means refusing to purchase it is a no-brainer.

    As it turns out, provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) bar the IRS from enforcing penalties against taxpayers who refuse to either purchase insurance or pay the uninsured “tax.” Not only can the IRS not bring criminal enforcement cases against taxpayers who refuse to pay the non-insurance penalty, according to Forbes.com, but the agency also cannot force a tax lien, which means the only way the IRS can collect the “tax” is to deduct it from taxpayers’ refunds.

    But many taxpayers do not receive tax refunds, which means they have the freedom to avoid paying the tax without penalty. And if millions of taxpayers choose to go this route, the entire sick care scheme will literally come apart at the seems, as insurance rates for everyone else will increase dramatically and eventually collapse the system. This, of course, will deter Obamacare from ever actually coming into full effect, at least not without major public uproar.

    “The restrictions placed on the IRS’s ability to collect the tax penalty make it unlikely the IRS can effectively enforce the individual mandate,” write tax experts Jordan M. Barry and Bryan T. Camp in their thorough analysis, Is the Individual Mandate Really Mandatory? – “Thus, many taxpayers who neglect or refuse to pay the tax penalty could structure their affairs in such a way as to avoid being subject to legal consequences of any sort for years to come, if ever.”

    You can read their full analysis here:


    What this all means is that savvy taxpayers who do not want to shell out their hard-earned cash to support the interests of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industry cabal have somewhat of a legal remedy at their disposal to protest it. Obamacare already appears to be collapsing before it even has the chance to come into full effect, and pledging not to purchase it or pay a penalty could be the final nail in the coffin for this fascist sick care dictate.

    “Congress purposely limited the enforcement powers of the IRS to avoid the public outcry that a strong mandate to buy government-approved insurance would evoke,” write Joseph Antos and Michael R. Strain for ‘The American Magazine.’ “Under Obamacare, the IRS cannot seize any of your property to enforce the mandate penalty. The IRS cannot go after the money in your bank accounts, and it can’t sell your car. It can’t send you to jail, and it can’t touch your stuff.”

    But even if it could, some might say that patriotic Americans who value true health freedom still have a duty to protect Obamacare. Yes, the existing health care system in America is flawed. But Obamacare is yet another step in the wrong direction, as it not only gives the federal government the power to force you into the system, but it will also require you to submit to treatments and procedures that are approved by the medical system, which we all know favors drugs and surgery rather than nutrition and prevention.





    • tantip1

      What are you people so scared of? I know, that maybe Obamacare just might work and save lives. I’m glad the law passed and no it’s not perfect but it’s a start.

      • gmo2ashes

        The government mandating an insurance product whether you want it or not, isn’t a start, rather it’s the end of healthcare freedom and the beginning of a penalty system designed to perpetuate disease and further disempower the individual – all while plundering the wealth of America.

        • tantip1

          The SCOTUS Upheld the law as being constitutional so people need to just get over it because this law is now the law of the land and it’s not going anywhere.

          • gmo2ashes

            Mark my words – you and all those who support this monstrosity will regret even hearing the term “Obamacare.” FYI, Justice John Roberts went out of his way to say that the program was in fact a tax and not the Supreme Court’s business. Justice Roberts defining the bill as a tax, meant he was throwing it back in the water for a do-over. Roberts refused to legislate from the bench.

            The legislation is NOT about providing affordable healthcare to anyone; instead it is illegal TAXATION.

            The Affordable Care Act is in clear violation of the rule requiring tax-bills to originate in the House.

            Secondly, ObamaCare is in violation of the Fifth Amendment by compelling the purchase of health coverage. It is forcing individuals and businesses to purchase a consumer product – in this case, health insurance. We’ll have & wait to see where it’s going.

          • tantip1

            I could care less. I know the system we have right now is not working when we have over 40,000 people every year who die because they have no health insurance Or People who lose everything they have because of an illness and the list goes on and on.

            When a person goes to the emergency room who do you think pays for that? tax payers, ObamaCare is not going anywhere so people just need to get over it already. They did the same thing with Medicare and it’s still going strong after all these years.

          • gmo2ashes

            It’s pointless attempting to reason with you. Apparently you’re drunk on Obama koolaid and living a delusion.

          • tantip1

            I’m delusional because I don’t view things like you? You’re the delusional one and yes I support this President 1000%. I know, if you don’t like the way things are going then why don’t you run for President and get elected and then you can be running things.

          • gmo2ashes

            “I’m delusional” …yes I concur with your admission. That’s the first thing you’ve said that makes any sense.

          • tantip1

            Everything I have said makes perfect sense. I want everyone to have health insurance and I don’t want to see anyone sick and die because they couldn’t get insurance or couldn’t afford it. I take it you’re the type of person filled with hate and it wouldn’t bother you that people suffer and die because they have no health insurance.

          • Mary

            You are right on target. These people are full of hate yet they are a part of the so called “God Party” I am not insulting Christians per se, but I think Christ would insult any Christian who acts this way towards their fellow man.

          • Mary

            All you have to do is a little research. ER’s cannot legally turn people away, period. My brother-in-law had a seizure and was taken to the ER. Since he had no insurance the TAXPAYERS did indeed pay for it. ER’s used to close down because of uninsured patients so the gov picks up the tab.

            I am certain that you and your fellow pubs would love this if it were labled RomneyCare. After all you have never bothered to read it to even understand what it does so you wouldn’t know the difference.

          • gmo2ashes

            Do you commies travel in pairs now?

          • Mary

            What an intelligent, thoughtful response. Why use reason and logic when insults will do?

        • tantip1

          We’ll see but I say you’re wrong.

      • Cas Dee


      • Cas Dee


    • Mary

      “it will also require you to submit to treatments and procedures that are approved by the medical system”

      Um, no they are not going to do anything without your consent so stop dramatizing!

      You guys are determined to to derail this and screw this up for everyone else all because of rumors and you don’t even bother to find out the truth! And then once it fails then you will say “I told you it wouldn’t work!”

      The biggest lie is that this is socialism.

      Well you may not favor drugs and surgery now. but wait until you get into a serious car wreck and THEN see how you feel about it! BECAUSE THE TAXPAYERS WILL BE PAYING YOUR WAY!

      • gmo2ashes

        Oh yes our benevolent government only wants the best for its people and our Congress is working overtime to save lives for the benefit of all mankind. Obama is surely a God. And soon HE and the bankers will declare everything free for the taking and we’ll never have to work again. We’ve all been finally liberated!

        …in your dreams O’clueless one.

        • Mary

          I use logic, so therefore I am not clueless. You use rumors and hate.
          I do not consider Obama to be a God, nor do I think no one should work. But please enlighten me as to who will be paying for you when you go to the ER with no insurance?
          Beyond that you do know that ACA is not a “freebie” right? And that it is capitalistic as well? I guess you are too busy with your knee-jerking to know that.
          Some people gravitate towards causes and if one doesn’t present itself then they will make something up. That is the basis of conspiracy theories.
          Maybe you could do something useful, like reading to children in the public library? Ooops I guess you wouldn’t go for that since it was founded by that evil socialist Ben Franklin. You probably wouldn’t approve of free education K-12 either so lets get rid of that as well. Yes we can all go back to being illiterate farmers like our ancestors.

          • gmo2ashes

            I’ll have you know – you communist bitch – I am a farmer – a noble profession – and I work for a living – and I don’t need nor do I want any handouts – and if I need to visit an emergency room, I’ll pay for it myself – and if I don’t need or want some product or merchandise, no one’s going to force me to purchase it. Now hit the road and sell that crap to someone else. I’m not buying.

          • Mary

            You most likely will not be able to pay so then you will be ON THE DOLE forcing everyone to pay for you. That is not crap, that is the TRUTH
            I am not buying YOUR LYING CRAP

          • sick/tired

            The bottom line is this, hard working Americans (with families)are forced to pay over $500 /mo and receive no benefits (not one dime) until they pay their deductible of over $3000 and then it is not given at 100% until they have spent thousands more. The medical industry and insurance companies are sucking our blood with a medical mortgage
            greater than our house payments. Many Americans cannot afford to go to the overpriced, over-rated, American medical services after paying their bills.
            Why have a car you cannot drive? The government says you will buy this car, I say with what? If you are poor you get it all for free, so why worry about a job?

          • gmo2ashes

            I don’t care what it costs, I don’t want or need it and I will not be forced to buy it. We’ll go to the ground on this one.

          • CATRYNA49

            Most of us alive, today, could easily say that our ancestors were farmers. Very few were illiterate, if any. Your points are pointless. I assure you that many of us still pay our own way regardless, and don’t need the government “helping” us. Not only that. home inspections are already being made at the local level and have been for a number of years. Big brother has been trying to get into our homes for a very long time.

      • Stephanie

        You want the TRUTH about how this is going down? Millions of people living pay check to pay check, losing jobs or getting only part time work now, thanks to this “affordable” care act. Millions of these people riding the poverty line, or swimming below it have now had a portion of their checks taken away due to this new “tax” (robbery). YET they are STILL mandated to buy into a plan because most of them will NOT qualify for the expanded medicaid. You don’t GET IT. This not going to help the poor, it’s going to drive them FURTHER into poverty and dire situations. WAKE UP. This NOT going to help those who need it the worst. We need a health care plan, but NOT THE ONE Obama is mandating. It’s a train wreck that will drive this country into serious trouble. WAKE UP.

        • another guest

          It’s true. I’ve already heard many people talking about how their hours are being cut due to the coming health bill. And these are all workers in the restaurant, retail, gas station levels right now. But it’s about to get much worse as more and more companies cut hours.

  • 1 4 liberty

    Our rights are being violated here and there, a little at a time. Then whamo… before you know it, we are no longer a free country. The majority of Americans are asleep at the wheel and not at all informed on all of these power grabs from Obama and his henchmen. I have had enough of this crap and only see a dimmer future. Our elected elite only care about getting re-elected and could give a sh^t at what they are supposed to do “Protect the Constitution.”
    We all need to wake up as many people as possible and infom them of this ultimate tragedy.

    • Tridus Drakthorn

      We already aren’t a free country. Regaining the sovereignty of our various State communities is really the only hope of protecting our people from U.S. Federal mandates that spit in the face of our communities and their ideals.

      • anotherguest

        Freedom is long gone, man. Go light up a smoke in the mall or the workplace if you think differently. Pay off your home and then pay on it some more for the rest of yours and your children’s lives. Drive without insurance, walk down the street with a beer. People have been fined for gardens in their front lawn. Farmers being raided because they don’t play the game. A man was just given 20 years in Louisiana for a joint. It’s just more and more. What was a wonderful country has long been dead. To survive requires total acquiescence of liberty.
        Oh, unless you’re already extremely wealthy, but that’s always been the case.

    • billy woods

      We are not a FREE COUNTRY NOW. Game Over!!!!!!!

      • mrwonderful

        Bullshit, I will never call game over. It almost cost me my life once but I never back down from a fight worth fighting. It is cowardly and lazy to back down and leave this mess for our children to clean up. This bullshit stops now.

  • Honest_E

    everything is subject to interpretation, and that always ends with government intrusion, and violation of your rights

    • Fletch

      Government never, in the end, looks out the citizens. Sure, someone can always find something “good” that the government does, and why can’t they? It’s not like everyone in the government is bad, and the government can’t entirely screw the people (speaking of this country).

      Here’s an easy thing to look at: If the government was so concerned about the children, they would improve the quality of nutrition in school lunches. This is a no brainier. But they don’t. So you can’t sit here and preach all this stuff, and then feed them junk food. Food is a major requirement for life to exist, and we do it 3 times a day!! Therefore, all this other stuff leads me to believe there is ulterior motives behind their purported “helpful” tasks.

  • jk2001

    That Chumley bill is pretty bogus. The people coming in won’t be federal agents; they’ll be researchers and outreach staff of nonprofits that will be bidding for ACA grants to perform the research. They are going to be looking for things like messy houses with rodents, signs of abusive parents, etc. Look up MIECHV which is what the program is called. You really should put the name of the program in your article, so people can look it up. MIECHV. Look it up.

    Are there some objectionable aspects? Sure. But no more objectionable than what these nonprofits are already doing, and not more objectionable than a lot of churches and charities have signed on with regarding reporting questionable home situations to the local government agencies that deal with child protection.

    In my experience, the people who will suffer most are also those who will be helped the most: the poor. Poor people get screwed by social services because they’re generally staffed by middle class busybodies who, at some level, hate poor families, especially poor Black mothers. But, in my opinion, the racism that seems ever-present in government services shouldn’t invalidate them. It just is a sign that reform is an ongoing requirement.

  • PMC

    You need to actually read the actual legislation you link to in the article. There is nothing in this that compels people to get these services. Using the words ‘target’ and ‘high risk’ is like saying the Government is ‘targeting’ old people by offering them Medicare. This is more BS, just like the ‘death care panels’ that people blew up totally out of context and purpose. You write these articles and people take them as gospel.. Try reading the actual text of the GRANT. There is nothing here to get upset about. The only thing you might or should be upset about is the ongoing sharing of or total lack of safeguards of information that this and previous administrations have made commonplace. But the upside to that is at least now if it leaks out that you have a serious condition, you cant be denied coverage. So that’s a plus, at least until or unless Obamacare is reversed, then you are screwed.

    • Mudpie

      Dear PMC. I would suggest some mandated psychiatric care for you, as was common in the Soviet Union. You are clearly a primary candidate. Sociolpathic control freaks may not get better, but are able to control the symptoms after using DSM (What number are we on) referenced techniques. Good luck to you : )

      • Dake

        Dear PMC,
        You’re an idiot, that is all.

        • Mudpie

          But intelligent enough to know an idiotic waste of taxpayer money when I see it, and smart enough to know it is immoral and totalitarian and Nazi-like to force millions of people into health care arrangements that they do not want.

          So take another pill and call me in the morning ; )

          • Mary

            Is it “immoral and totalitarian and Nazi-like” for the government to require us to get car insurance?

            You do realize that if you end up in the ER/Hospital and can’t afford to pay that SOMEONE ELSE WILL BE PAYING YOUR BILL? Either through higher medical costs passed on through higher medical bills and insurance premiums for others or through Uncle Sam, i.e. the TAXPAYERS. The ER cannot turn away anyone legally so it is a NO BRAINER that society is paying for this.

            That means that it is the uninsured who are ON THE DOLE.

    • Bosslady

      There is nothing to get upset about? Well, I guess it’s just a coincidence then that just today I received a SECOND phone call from someone saying they wanted to send a “health assessment officer” to my house to “check me out” and “inform me” about my health. Never mind that the annual Medicare Wellness visit at the doctor’s office does the same thing. Oh, no, they are going to send a stranger into the home of a vulnerable senior. They informed me that I will need to “share with them” my labs, my medical history, my surgeries, etc. and all my other supposedly confidential medical information. I turned them down when they called the first time in June. And here they are again, calling to tell me about this “free” and “voluntary” new benefit.

      • mrwonderful

        Do not comply. There is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost. ‘There’s always free cheese in a mouse trap’

      • Mary

        Did it ever occur to you that they probably have this service for seniors who have trouble getting out of the house? A friend of mine tells me that it is a real hardship on her 85 year old mother to go to the doctor’s office. This sounds like a good deal to me. And them calling you twice? That is probably a computer glitch, not intentional.

        The fact is that no one has barged into your home so therefore IT IS voluntary.

        So many people are going into hysterics over rumors.

        Unfortunately it is EASY to set up a website and tell lies. It can look credible but it is not.

    • Mark Michigan

      You need to actually remove your head from your a $$ and wipe the brown from your eyes.

      Back to your flock sheep.

    • Margaret Nye

      I concur. Looks like nobody bothered to actually READ anything. My son was born with a handicap in 1981 and we had excellent infant stimulation teachers that came to our home until he was old enough to attend a center based program. Note: ELIGIBLE means: “Having the right to do or obtain something; satisfying the appropriate conditions. ” It implied that choice is involved not being forced to do something.

  • Robert

    I wonder how many are going to decide, “lock, load, and take out the agents” is the best way of coping with this abomination…

    • Mark Michigan

      Already locked and loaded, anything with a badge that comes on my property uninvited gets 1oz of lead.

    • http://depravda.posterous.com Paul Zink

      The entire state of Florida?

  • gene shelton

    too bad there is so much rampant paranoia. i took the time, just like pmc did, to actually read the provisions.

  • Mark Michigan

    And any of them that try to do an “intervention” in my home will be met with a door slammed in their face.

  • Debbie

    Read your history this happened before. It ended up with a lot of people going to the gas chambers. If you don’t learn from the past history will repeat itself. Obama has a long history and his family in the social movement.

  • WaverlyKae
    • Chris Moschini

      Pants on fire.

    • EndTheFed

      Let’s remember our income tax is also “voluntary”. Politifact may want to dig a little deeper into the story and the definitions of words the government uses.

      • Mary

        Let’s remember our income tax is also “voluntary”


      • jbo5112

        Tell that to the men with guns who come to arrest you and take everything away.

  • http://AdventuresInAutism.com/ Ginger Taylor

    Most don’t know but the Obama Care law also provides funding for states to conduct “home visits” to increase vaccination rates:



    …‘‘(E) providing for home visits that promote immunization through education, assessments of need, referrals, provision of immunizations, or other services;”

    • Gloria

      First of all, this article is all lies. Second, children should all be immunized, for their own protection and everyone else’s. A crazy church in Texas told parents not to vaccinate their kids, and now they have a measles epidemic. If home visits are required to educate parents, I’m all for it. Nobody says they are unannounced or an invasion of privacy.

      • Stephanie

        My children never had ONE vaccine injected into them. They are now in their late 20′s and extremely healthy. Whenever people around them are falling sick all of the time, they are never ill. They are strong, healthy, and very intelligent. Go ahead and get your poison vaccine.

      • Beka Lyn

        My dear Gloria, Please stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Any one who says that the government has a right to go into anyone’s home for no reason needs to be the ones subjected to those searches. I have nothing to hide. And do not need the Federal Government sneaking into my private life. And as far as the idea that all children should be given their shots, not everyone can tolerate some of the components in the vaccines. So anyone who wants to climb on your band wagon and be in a communist country needs to leave mine. And i will be there wave good-bye. Some of the worst problems that we have with our children comes from to much outside interference for people that have no right to be speaking about what you do with your children unless you are trying to do real harm or injury to the child. We need to disassemble major parts of the Federal Government and let the states go back to having the control that they were suppose have. We regrettably have become a country that is lost. Our children have forgotten who they are. They have been taught to conform to the rest of the country. We have weakened our country by remove the competitiveness out of the education and the sports programs. So if you like the substandard lifestyle for your child then you are welcome to it. But not in my country. Everyone should be encouraged to do their best. They should strive to be the best that they can,

  • Pamela Volentine
  • Pamela Volentine

    it’s not true, y’all. stand down. i don’t know why these lies keep being perpetuated.

  • tantip1


    • Joseph C. Carbone III

      Hello dear,

      There is a horrible problem preventing people from getting proper care, and it is poverty and out-of-control greed from corporate dominance of a rogue government.

      And the problem stems from a reeducation of our people into an ignorance that will propagate more poverty. Furthermore, among the ones purported to care about healthcare, there is enormous contradiction, and I understand you believe their care for us is established. But, all one has to do is look at the contemporary facts and history to see where this is taking us.

      Secret deals behind closed doors; that is what we have been forced upon us. This is not the transparency that was promised.

      No matter how good those leaders in our government may intend to be, supposed good intentions pave the way to hell, which is destruction.

      Just because your argument appears deductive does not necessitate its validity. Therefore, appealing to the Supreme Court as a reason for believing something is divesting yourself.

      The legislature, the judiciary, and the executive branches could all get together and say, “We made a mistake, we need to readmit nonracial slavery, and were going to call it the American Freedom Act.”

      Now, many would allegedly benefit from the effects of this newly formed freedom. However, it would not make it constitutional, it would not make it needed, and it would not make it freedom.

      Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 25 August 2013

  • Hypatia

    It must be nice to run a blog. I should start my own so I can make up nonsense and pass it off to credulous morons who believe what they want to hear without any sources or evidence. Unfortunately, in my job, I’m actually held accountable for what I write and say.

    • The Mule

      Your audience must consist of people who are already afraid of and convinced of everything you plan to write about. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is not to inform, but merely to CONFIRM.

  • Gloria

    This whole article is baloney. Check it out on Snopes.

  • http://burroweb.com Charlie Burrow


    Q: Will there be forced home inspections under the Affordable Care Act?

    A: No. The law provides grants for state home-visiting programs for expectant and new parents. The programs are voluntary and participants can opt out any time.


  • Joe

    I received a letter from Humana stating that a NPL will be coming to my house to assessed me! That is the truth!!!

    • The Mule


  • Joe

    Asses my health!

  • Rainbow420
    • Rainbow420

      Why are you posting false information Mr. Cook?

      • Tim

        Snopes is run by Obama supporters. Its a disinformation site.

        • Rainbow420

          More Kook-Aid Tim? Or maybe you need a fresh sheet of aluminum foil?

          has received praise from folklorist Dr. Jan Harold Brunvand, author of a number of books on urban legends and modern folklore, who considers the
          site so comprehensive as to obviate the necessity for
          launching one of his own.

          David Mikkelson has said that the site receives more complaints of liberal bias than conservative bias, but insists that the same debunking standards are applied to all political urban legends. FactCheck reviewed
          a sample of Snopes’ responses to political rumors regarding George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama, and found them to be free from bias
          in all cases. FactCheck noted that Barbara Mikkelson was a Canadian citizen (and thus unable to vote in US
          elections) and David Mikkelson was an independent who was once registered as a Republican.
          “You’d be hard-pressed to find two more apolitical people,” David Mikkelson told them.”

  • Guest

    Forced Home Inspections = COMMUNISM. This is precisely what was being
    promoted in a Communist magazine run by card-carrying communist GERARD
    PELLETIER and Soviet Mole PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU in the 50s and 60s.
    Forced home inspections by STATE HEALTH CARE AUTHORITIES, to see if you
    were raising your kids properly, and washing your dishes. If you don’t
    know that COMMUNISM has come to your country, and you should be OUSTING
    your COMMUNIST-RUN administration by every legal measure you can find,
    pending civil war to do so as a last resort, it’s time you woke up.
    Here’s what they do once they get SOCIALIST control of the medical
    system. It becomes a state weapon of social control. Any citizen
    inconvenient to the state can simply be targeted for ELIMINATION by the
    state’s use of the digital records that link the whole system. If you
    are a problem for the state, your medical records will be FLAGGED.
    There are plenty of people willing to do as state and police tell them
    and MURDER YOU IN COLD BLOOD in your hospital bed, and pass it off as
    unfortunate complications, or you died of a fatal illness. Stick with
    DATABASE which your COMMUNIST-led OBAMA Administration can use to MURDER
    you, selectively, through its own controlled, state-paid,
    COMMUNIST-sympathizing health-care appointees.

    • Gershom

      Yet another Fed-paid for misinformant! The real anti-communists aren’t so “numb skulled” as to post everything in caps. Too obvious.

  • Habeas Corpus Canada

    Forced Home Inspections = COMMUNISM. This is precisely what was being promoted in a Communist magazine run by card-carrying communist GERARD PELLETIER and Soviet Mole PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU in the 50s and 60s in Quebec, Canada. Forced home inspections by STATE HEALTH CARE AUTHORITIES, to see if you were raising your kids properly, and washing your dishes. If you don’t know that COMMUNISM has come to your country, and you should be OUSTING your COMMUNIST-RUN administration by every legal measure you can find, pending civil war to do so as a last resort, it’s time you woke up.

    Here’s what they do once they get SOCIALIST control of your medical system. It becomes a state weapon of social control. It becomes a state weapon of ideological control. Any citizen “inconvenient” to the state simply can be targeted for ELIMINATION by the state’s use of the digital records that link the whole system.

    If you are a problem for the state, your medical records, your OBAMA-CARE CARD, will be RED-FLAGGED.

    There are plenty of people willing to do WHATEVER any goose-boot in a UNIFORM tells them to do, i.e., state authorities and police can tell them and MURDER YOU IN COLD BLOOD in your hospital bed, and very conveniently pass your DEATH off as “unfortunate complications” from a valliant attempt to “save” you.

    Or, you died of a fatal illness despite all efforts by the heroic medical staff WHO WILL HAVE KILLED YOU WITHOUT TRIAL on the basis of POLICE REQUEST.

    Stick with private insurance, and DO NOT LINK UP YOUR ID INTO A NATIONAL MEDICAL DATABASE which your COMMUNIST-led OBAMA Administration can use to MURDER you, selectively, through its own controlled, state-paid, COMMUNIST-sympathizing health-care appointees.

    I tell you this from PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE, because the local POLICE instructed a local HOSPITAL to ELIMINATE ME, and they promptly attempted TO DO SO, while POLICE criminally helped my landlord dispose of my LAW BOOKS, EVIDENCE and LEGAL RESEARCH against the conversion of Canada to the North American Union system, which is a COMMUNIST REGIONAL UNION. I was kidnapped off the sidewalk, and subjected to ATTEMPTED MURDER by state-controlled, and police-controlled “authorities” in 2007.

    I have since been BLACKLISTED by the state itself, imposing a RED FLAG on all my government-issued ID required to:

    1) HOLD A JOB

    If I take a job interview and I am hired, and the employer runs my government-controlled MEDICARE CARD through the system to see that I am not a migrant illegal worker, within anything from ONE HOUR to a few hours, to a few days after this is done, “authorities” contact the employer to ORDER them to FIRE ME. The employer is moreover BRIEFED by these invisible “authorities” to DEPRIVE me of my PAY, to LIE on my pay stubs, to hide bonuses earned, and to openly, in front of other staff, “discredit” me as “PARANOID” while they are doing all this. This is how COMMUNIST governments, the SOVIET government being one excellent example, quietly control the opposition by having its POLICE recruit your employers, your neighbors, your janitors and landlords, to DEFAME you in order to CREATE AND BUILD UP A FALSE RECORD which the state and police can then use to officially declare you CRAZY so they can eventually kidnap and permanently incarcerate you, as was done to countless SOVIET DISSIDENTS. That system is here, in North America, ACTIVE IN CANADA, and now your COMMUNIST usurper in the OVAL OFFICE, is palming it off on all you USEFUL IDIOTS who won’t see it for what it is and stand up to it.

    FORCED HOME INSPECTIONS is a very full step into COMMUNIST state-ownership of the INDIVIDUAL and of ALL of your property. You are no longer a free, self-determining person, able to run your own life. YOU ARE CHATTEL OF THE SOCIALIST STATE. Get rid of your COMMUNIST-run Administration!


    • The Mule

      Psst – communism and socialism aren’t the same thing. Aaaand, national healthcare reform is a far cry from socialism. Why are you such an alarmist? The black man won’t come to your house, don’t worry. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

      • Leo

        Gov. paid troll? They do that you know…

  • Mike Hartshorne

    Its not about healthcare. There won’t be any! Its about the Federal government taking over state and local commerce (revenue).

  • stephanie

    I don’t believe ANYTHING SNOPES has to say. They are two hired govt shills, a married couple, who sit at home all day long and put up these articles for the govt. They are hired disinfo.

    • The Mule

      This guy sits around all day and cooks up propaganda to feed your existing fear of change and black people. What’s the difference? If you don’t trust snopes, why don’t you go look at the parts of the law he refers to and see for yourself? Too busy for truth?

  • stephanie

    DON’T OPEN THE DOOR. You don’t have to. And if they insist, tell them to get a warrant for entry. This is my property and they have no right to come in and snoop their noses around in my business. Stand outside all you please and knock, hell, keep on coming back. But I will not open up until I see a warrant for entry.

    • Kylie Wainscott

      What bothers me is that they probably won’t need warrants soon.

      • The Mule

        What bothers me is that there is no “they”, and “they” aren’t coming to your house. If you really care about truth and reality, this entire scare tactic is easily disproved. Or you can hunker down with your can goods and ammunition and wait for the apocalypse. Your choice.

        • Kylie Wainscott

          Someone here has never dealt with DFCS before… If the government can take away your kid with Down syndrome because they can storm into your house based on a phone call and find a bruise on your child because said child bumped into a light post, they can certainly enforce home inspections. You are amazingly short-sighted, sir.

  • Dawn Wave

    Jews are behind this!! Time to get jews out of our government, our money, and our country!!

    • Gershom

      very funny dude, you are a democrat activist. Bye bye! Get off this message board please and go drool in a Democrat message board site.

      • Jarek Draven

        STFU with your divisive bullshit. He’s a “democrat” because he makes anti-semitic statements? How brilliant of you. Should I point out that I’ve seen more so-called “conservative” anti-semites than left-leaning ones? STFU and GTFO with that bullshit.

        • Dr_Michael_Savage

          I think you misunderstood him. He’s saying this guy is coming on hear to make the board sound anti-semetic. Basically a troll working for the system.

          We need to stop thinking of ourselves in the categories they created. Republicans and Democrats are all Corporatists now. They do the bidding of the corporation/finance/military/globalist interests. It’s Americans vs. Corporatists now. Let’s all agree we’re on the side of America.

        • Dawn Wave

          How can someone be an anti semite when most jews are ashkenazi? (eastern european) This is a trick these terrorist jews don’t want people to know. These jews are the true anti semites in what they are dong to the Palestinians, true semites!! Educate yourselves before looking like a dumb box of hair. No wonder it is so easy for these jews to fool and manipulate people! sheeeeesh!

    • Kriegar

      Ba ha ha ha ha!

      Wait! You were SERIOUS?

      Ba ha hah ah ha!

    • The Secret is out who runs OZ

      Follow the bloodlines of Cain and Abel in the bible, and you will surprise yourself that the children of Cain are Jews, they are controlling everything in the world. I peeked behind the curtain. OZ has spoken. This is the truth.

  • Ginger Sadler

    We can NOT let them in for now but how long before they really do become forced..and I can almost guarantee if you refuse, you will then be dealing with CPS soon and risk losing your kids…This is healthcare act is the biggest joke in the world…We are forced to provide insurance for ourselves, what are we going to be forced to do next.

    • CycloneCO

      You are not too bright….how did you come to this conclusion? With this kind of idiotic thinking you should get some mental health services right away.

  • PeriSoft

    This might be fearless, and maybe it’s grassroots – but it’s certainly neither investigative nor journalism.

    I’m a bit curious how absurd you could make your claims and have them repeated as fact, actually. A federal agent will be assigned to each family and live in their house! People who vote republican will be forcibly sterilized! Children will be required to wear wires while at home and report to the police!!!! Chemicals will be added to juice boxes to turn all of our kid gay!!!!

    Wait, people actually believe that one, too – never mind.

    I hope you ben swann guys are really proud of yourselves. Is the money worth it, or do you actually have a hard time sleeping once in a while?

  • TYCapitalism

    So Snopes.com “debunked” this after barely reading your argument. Just so you know.

  • liltampa71

    Did anyone read this BEFORE they became concerned? It is for states that already have VOLUNTARY visitation Programs. It’s clear in the first line of the “purpose”.

    I am anti-Obamacare. But I’m also anti false information.

  • xandalis

    You’d think that if this was “real,” the writer would actually also mention the original text in part or in citation. But no, of course there’s no citation, because it’s fear-mongering lunacy. Incidentally, the relevant section (2951) pertains to people who are already subject to home inspections (more than likely because they’re suspected of child abuse and/or neglect already), and how any agency provided care must comply with the new provisions of the ACA. It doesn’t matter what your political views are, stupid is stupid; believing some blog post over the actual text of a law, is stupid.

    • Toni Holliday

      And once again, the libtard is WRONG! My daughter, who works and goes to school; has NEVER had an issue with CPS has been targeted with a forced “home inspection” simply because she was told by the ER doctor that she couldn’t work for 2 days due to a mirena issue. Their reasoning? Because alcohol or drugs MUST be the reason she had to miss 2 days’ work. You people have NO clue what is going on in the real world so shut your freaking pie hole!!!!

      • xandalis

        Names of the “officials;” Dates of alleged inspections; Locations; Citations, now. Oh, and do make sure to mention whether or not your state actually is in compliance, or if it’s just a case of your local politicians crafting a situation much like the Republicans in Congress right now. Unlike “Republitards” I’m completely willing to accept I’m wrong, if factual proof is produced. The above only qualifies as word of mouth, not even admissible in a court of law. Oh, and of course don’t forget to cite the relevant bit of “law” that they said allows such a thing. That means Title, Article, and Section(or subsection).

        I do indeed have a clue what’s going on, I should, I served on Active Duty during the Bush years. What have you done for your country?

        • Kriegar


      • Kriegar
      • The Mule

        She must be on Medicaid. They treat you like shit when you’re on Medicaid. Like you’re a suspect. Blame your Tea Party buddies for that — they’ve been demonizing poor people for years because they don’t want you mad at the real criminals.

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  • just stop it,,,,
    • 44WinMag

      SNOPES is a DNC funded dis-information site. SNOPES simply is not credible.

  • kathy

    This is really bizarre to me that most people commenting on this really believe it! Where is your common sense people! Just like the Y2K scare, or WE NEED a BOMB shelter scare, or the government will tell us what to do soon! Ignorant, paranoid people.

    • Kriegar

      LOL-still, just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t watching you!

  • Kriegar

    False. Nice try. You should feel ashamed for misleading, and lying to, your readers.

  • The Mule

    Why lie? As if there aren’t enough legitimate causes to criticize the government, you’re going to get on here, mouth agape, and spew easily debunked propaganda… to what end? You have succeeded only in ruining your credibility.

    This isn’t a liberal or conservative thing — this is simply lying. Badly, at that. Grow up.

  • whaven


  • Gail Combs

    The relievant section says:
    Priority for Serving High-Risk Populations and Programmatic Areas of Emphasis As directed in the legislation ,
    successful applicants will give priority to providing services to the following populations:
    a) Eligible families who reside in communities in need of such services, as identified in the statewide needs assessment required under subsection (b)(1)(A).
    b) Low-income eligible families.
    c) Eligible families who are pregnant women who have not attained age 21.
    d) Eligible families that have a history of child abuse or neglect or have had interactions with child welfare services.
    e) Eligible families that have a history of substance abuse or need substance abuse treatment.
    f) Eligible families that have users of tobacco products in the home.
    g) Eligible families that are or have children with low student achievement.
    h) Eligible families with children with developmental delays or disabilities.
    i) Eligible families who, or that include individuals who, are serving or formerly served in the Armed Forces, including such families that have members of the Armed Forces who have had multiple deployments outside of the United States.”

    In addition, the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) and the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) have identified the following programmatic areas of emphasis.

    Applicants may propose to address one or more of these areas in response to this funding opportunity announcement: o Emphasis
    1: Improvements in maternal, child, and family health o Emphasis
    2: Effective implementation and expansion of evidence-based home visiting programs or systems with fidelity to the evidence-based model selected o Emphasis
    3: Development of statewide or multi-State home visiting programs o Emphasis
    4: Development of comprehensive early childhood systems that span the prenatal-through-age-eight continuum o Emphasis
    5: Outreach to high-risk and hard-to-engage populations o Emphasis
    6: Development of a family-centered approach to home visiting o Emphasis
    7: Outreach to families in rural or frontier areas o Emphasis
    8: The development of fiscal leveraging strategies to enhance program sustainability

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  • Leo

    For the folks that are claiming this is fake and referencing Snopes to back their claim… At the very LEAST this is a huge open door for big brother to get in almost anyone’s business and we know that those who are for big gov. will always expand these policies. While this may not seem like an immediate threat, almost EVERYTHING that the feds do should be viewed with much scrutiny and, in these times, distrust. Question Authority! Anyone who does not agree with that can not be trusted.

  • Dan Sanders

    As a soon-to-be new father, the implications of these new laws are deeply frightening to me. The only thing more frightening to me are the depths I would go to to keep my daughter from being taken from my due to some tyrannical, trumped-up and false charges, like “non-compliant on vaccinations.”

  • Scott Hendry

    As invasive and potentially disastrous as i think the ACA is, I read a good bit of the PDF linked to on the HHS website provided in the article. Even after a while of CTRL+F looking for “force”, “involuntary”, “penalty”, etc., I came up empty. Makes me wonder where the author came up with those words. Maybe that’s why they’re always in quotes.

    • David Agosta

      Of course the author also removed the word “agree.” Funny how easy it is to separate fact from propaganda when the propagandist is stupid enough to provide a link to his obfuscation of the truth.

      • April Rena Smith

        But… they have ways of making you “agree”. You know this. This has been happening to poor folks a long time already, now ALL will know. We need to stop fighting each other and come together. When we realize this, it may be too late. Everyone knows that this is happening, let’s not let them do this to us. Peace

  • Reaper

    As a member of the armed services and having served two tours I have to say this….come to my house try to tell me how to raise my children, try to take my kids away and you’ll learn real quick why the enemy fears the Army Infantry.

    • David Agosta

      If your kid to be shows up at school covered with bruises, someone is coming to your house and they’ve increased funding to support that so my advice to you is to stop beating your kids.

  • David Agosta

    “support home visiting programs that bring nurses, social workers, or other health care professionals to meet with at-risk families that AGREE to meet with them in their homes.” Do you need to look up the definition of “agree” and “voluntary?”

  • 30yrnurseretired

    Yes, my husband and I were subjected to a ‘welfare check’, where the people who know best, lied, made false reports, and ran an actual conspiracy against us, because they were wrong, and they’re reputations were at stake.

    IT turned out the social workers involved were not licensed, and the foreign doctors, green card holders lied the most. These green card-holder doctors were from ‘terror-States’.

  • Flyonzewall

    Silly muppets…of course this is complete bullshit. lol


  • jtuck004

    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
    today announced $224 million to help at-risk families voluntarily
    receive home visits from…


    Perhaps your reading comprehension skills need work.

    And if it isn't voluntarily, they already have a program for that. It's called a"warrant".

    Sensationalist bs.

  • Robert Caston
  • Marjan Viki

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  • Une


    Duurrrr Obama is gonna invade our houses and throw us in fema camps, etc. Critical thinking? Wots that?