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By: Ben Swann

To download the mobile app visit the Google Play Store:

The iPhone app will be released soon.

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  • Sean Penno

    Man, I was just about to grab my phone and search for it…then I saw that it says the iPhone app will be released soon. Hope so! It’ll be a good one to have on my phone :) keep up the great work, Ben!

    • Sam

      It takes longer for Apple to approve apps. The app is ready, just waiting for approval. :)

    • Daniel Latrimurti

      Apple can take up to 10 days to approve an app and they’re not above scrutinizing it for political content.

  • Sheeps Digest

    What about WINDOWS? I want one for my Windows Phone 8. Please do it!

  • shane


  • tonya

    Please make an app for windows phone. Nokia.

  • Christopher M Padilla

    WINDOWS PHONE 8, please!!!

  • Chordsman

    I was discouraged by the amount of services on Android the app wanted access to. I did not install.

    • jg10289

      Same here. Can someone explain why the app needs to be able to use my phone’s camera and microphone without my confirmation?

      • Concerned_with_ur_intent

        I would also like to know why access to my Approximate (network-based) and precise (GPS) location need to be given.
        In the instance that you want to provide me with more locally geared news, I would be comfortable giving you my area code.

  • DB.Coupe

    Any update on the iPhone app yet? The disqus forum has glitches when it comes to writing posts on safari or any Internet browser on apple products so I hope the app will be a good alternative to this issue.